Dr. Squatch
One Bigfoot forward in men's personal care routine.
Role: Art Director + Senior Designer (with Tyler Kruger)
Creative Direction: Fred Hart 
Illustration: Tyler Kruger
Created at Interact Brands
Real fans deserve real soap.
Dr Squatch already had a cult following when Interact was tapped to move them past DTC into retail. Therefore, we needed to give the same love to the brand as the fans had for the soap.
Not your traditional soap
Dr. Squatch's strong relationship with their consumers is one of their unique qualities. They are masters of exuding humor through their viral videos and social media, so that playful tone needed to come through on every physical touchpoint.
Soap to Nuts. We got it covered. 
Once the core products were polished up, it was time to time to amp up the volume on the ultra-collectible LTO soap bars. Each box is specially illustrated — from UFOs and Halloween to Star Wars — and Squatch gets dressed up for each occasion. 

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