Plunge: Modern Recovery
Branding the ultimate wellness ritual.
Role: Senior Designer (with Andrew Sondheim)
Creative Direction:
 Cyrus Blais 
Created at Interact Brands
Meditation, enhanced.
For those looking for breakthroughs in body and mind, cold plunge provides an exhilarating natural high that feels like super-charged meditation.
Cold is the new HOT.
Interest in cold plunging has increased by 655% over the past year. As an industry leader, Plunge came to Interact to level up their brand to better reflect the product's efficacy and signal a more premium user experience.  
Modern recovery. Right at home. 
More than just recovery and restoration, Plunge invigorates you from within, improving physical and mental fortitude. Advanced tech tracks progress and monitors every aspect of your tub. 
Time to turn up the heat. 
The all-new Plunge Sauna lets you complete your wellness routine with the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Sweat it out in temperatures of up to 230°F with full control from the Plunge mobile app. 

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