Widmer Brothers Brewing
Reinvigorating a beloved brand.
Role: Senior Designer (with Jorge Arteaga) 
Creative Direction:
 Cyrus Blais 
Illustration: Adam Nienow 
Created at Interact Brands
Brewed by family, for family.
In 1984, two brothers with nothing more than a truck and some skills in German brewing create one of Oregon’s favorite beers: The Original American Hefeweizen.
Great beer for great people.
From the very first pitcher, the Widmer Brothers sought to make beer that’s perfect for sipping on the back porch or wherever life takes you. 
Reinventing the brand for a new generation.
Widmer came to Interact as an established brand with loyal customers. The challenge was to build better brand recognition for the Widmer Brothers name and attract a new generation of beer drinkers. 
HEFE was was crafted to be extremely crushable for that laid-back golden hour, so we knew we needed to lean into that as much as possible. 
Unifying the system.
Widmer crafts many excellent brews besides just HEFE. Our unified design system takes inspiration from the history of the brand and reinvents it in a style that is uniquely theirs. 
Moving the past into the future.
Each can tells a part of the Widmer story through patterns that were inspired by stained glass from the original brewery.

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