Fresh Clean Threads
Future-proofing COMFORT. 
Role: Senior Designer 
Creative Direction:
 Cyrus Blais 
Wordmark Typography: Rob Clarke
Created at Interact Brands
More than a Fine-Fitted Tee.
Fresh Clean Tees was an original innovator in online high-quality fitted tees. Driven by the belief that every stitch counts, they've always focused on making the basics better.
From Tees to Threads.
Over time, Fresh Clean Tees had been slowly sidelined by imitators. They came to Interact looking to future proof their brand and move themselves beyond tees to provide comfort across a wide range of apparel items. 
Introducing, Fresh Clean Threads. With a subtle tweak to the name we were able to retain similar flow and equity in the brand name while encompassing a wider range of product offerings. 
Communicating Comfort. 
Fresh Clean Threads deserves fresh clean design, so our design system utilizes a crisp color palette, geometric iconography, timeless typography, and a playful tone of voice that keeps things, well, fresh. The photography style captures those classic comfort moments and showcases all those fine-stitched details.
Cleaning up the type.
Similar to our approach with the name change, we needed to refresh the logomark while retaining the spirit of the old script. We simplified & streamlined the letterforms before handing it to Rob Clarke for the final touches.  

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